bar1 [bär]
[ME & OFr barre < ML barra, bar, barrier, prob. < Gaul * barros, the bushy end, akin to Ir bar, branch < IE * bhoros, cut wood < base * bher-, to cut with a sharp tool]
1. any piece of wood, metal, etc. longer than it is wide or thick, often used as a barrier, fastening, lever, etc.
a) an oblong piece or mass of something solid [bar of soap, chocolate bar]
b) any of various small metal strips worn to show military or other rank
3. a thing that blocks the way or prevents entrance, departure, or further movement; specif., SANDBAR
4. anything that hinders or prevents [illiteracy is a bar to success]
5. a strip, stripe, band, or broad line, as of light or color
a) the railing enclosing the part of a law court where the judges or lawyers sit, or where prisoners are brought to trial
b) this part of the law court
a) a law court or system of courts
b) any place of judgment [the bar of public opinion]
a) lawyers collectively
b) the legal profession
a) a counter at which alcoholic drinks and sometimes food are served
b) an establishment or room with such a counter
c) an article of furniture, often on wheels, from which drinks, etc. are served
11. the mouthpiece of a horse's bit, or the part of a horse's mouth into which it is fitted
12. in lace making and other needlework, a loop or tie that connects parts of a pattern
13. Heraldry a horizontal stripe on a shield or bearing
14. Law
a) the defeat or nullifying of a claim or action
b) anything that brings this about
15. Music
a) a vertical line across a staff, dividing it into measures
b) a measure
16. Track & Field the horizontal bar used in the HIGH JUMP or POLE VAULT
17. Zool. either of the ends of the wall of a horse's hoof, curving inward toward the center of the sole
barred, barring
1. to fasten with or as with a bar
2. to obstruct by means of a bar or bars; shut off; close
3. to oppose, prevent, or forbid, as by legal action
4. to keep out; exclude [he was barred from the contest]
5. to set aside [barring certain possibilities]
6. to mark with stripes
excluding; excepting [the best bar none]
cross the bar
to die
raise the bar or lower the bar
[< BAR1 n. 16] raise (or lower) the standard of judgment
bar2 [bär]
[Ger < Gr baros, weight, akin to barys, heavy: see GRAVE1]
1. the basic unit of pressure in the CGS system, equal to the pressure of a force of one million dynes per square centimeter: abbrev. b
2. former name for MICROBAR
a) barometer
b) barometric
2. barrel

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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